Who Wants Who: Wednesday, December 7th

You know the drill.  I’ll be updating throughout the evening, so check back often…

Carlos Arroyo, BOS, UFA: If the Knicks are unable to sign Jose Juan Barea or another solid backup PG, they might be stuck with Carlos Arroyo.  He’s interested in them, but I doubt they’re interested in him just yet.

Caron Butler, LAC, UFA: Butler has four deals to consider: San Antonio and Chicago would like him for the midlevel, and the Clippers and Nets would be willing to pay about $2 million more than that.  Butler seems to be showing the most interest in LA.  He’s already visited with them multiple times, and he is said to like their young talent.

Jamal Crawford, ATL, UFA: Many teams are after Jamal Crawford, but Chicago and Orlando have reportedly gotten more aggressive in their pursuit by trying to put together sign and trades.  Both teams are in dire need of a guy who can create his own shot.  That happens to be Crawford’s specialty.

Mike Dunleavy, IND, UFA: I’m not sure why, but the Celtics may pursue Mike Dunleavy.

TJ Ford, IND, UFA: Remeber those interesting tweets from TJ Ford yesterday?  Looks like San Antonio is the team.  TJ goin’ back home to Texas… no wonder he was so excited.

Chuck Hayes, HOU, UFA: According to a Houston radio station, fan-favorite Chuck Hayes is headed to a new team: the Sacramento Kings.  It’ll be interesting to see if he takes minutes away from the young, uber-talented DeMarcus Cousins.  Chuck has taken minutes from players with superior talent but worse attitudes before.

Grant Hill, PHX, UFA: It’s been thought throughout this pre-free agency period that Grant Hill’s preference is to remain a Sun.  However, The New York Post reports that Hill is leaning towards joining the Knicks.  Hill is probably torn due to his desire to play beyond the regular season.  If Phoenix was looking at any sort of playoff run I think he’d be staying put for sure.

Dwight Howard, ORL: According to HoopsWorld.com, Dwight Howard and Magic GM Otis Smith had a meeting during which Howard expressed interest in remaining with Orlando beyond this season.  However, he wants the team to make moves to put better players around him.  Makes sense.  Get to work, Otis!

Richard Jefferson, SAS: The San Antonio Spurs are expected to make the aging wing the first victim of the new amnesty clauseThis would make room for Caron Butler if they’re able to pull him away from the Clippers. 

Jason Kapono, PHI, UFA: Kapono is expected to sign a one-year contract with the Lakers at the vet minimum.  Don’t really like it.  I mean, why not T-Mac?  Kapono probably won’t even see the light of day… may as well take a chance on somebody else, right?  I think they should’ve gone the low-risk high-reward route.  Instead they went the low-risk no-reward route.

Jamaal Magloire, MIA, UFA: The Toronto Raptors have agreed to terms with the 33-year-old Magloire.  The article doesn’t specify, but I think it’s safe to assume that this is a one-year minimum deal.  Jamaal is a Toronto native.

Roger Mason, NYK, UFA: Welcome back to Washington, Roger.  Mason hasn’t really made any noise in a few years and will probably have to compete with youngsters like Jordan Crawford and Nick Young.  I wouldn’t expect him to be playing a lot.

Tracy McGrady, DET, UFA: ESPN has reported that T-Mac will be signing a one-year deal with Atlanta at the veteran’s minimum.  That’s a bargain, obviously.  Mac will be nothing like his old self, but he’s still a guy who has plenty to contribute to a team like ATL.  He can shoot the ball and make plays, and he’s still got his height working to his advantage.  Good low-risk high-reward signing by the Hawks.

Mike Miller, MIA: Despite disappointing play last season and a series of injuries that still have him sidelined right now, the Miami Heat are not expected to amnesty Miller.

Chris Paul, NOH: CP3 talks have advanced with a couple teams; the Warriors and Clippers, to be specific.  They’re being held up now though due to Golden State’s reluctance to give up Steph Curry and LA’s desire to keep Eric Gordon.  It does look like Paul will be dealt somewhere before the start of the season.  The Celtics are still believed to be trying to make something work.

Sebastian Telfair, CLE, UFA: Looks like Bassy will have an NBA home this season.  According to a league source he is likely to sign with the Suns.  Hopefully he can learn a thing or two from Steve Nash.

Earl Watson, UTA, UFA: Earl “The Pearl” Watson appears set to join T-Mac in Atlanta.  Well, he can’t be any worse than Mike Bibby was at the end of his tenure.

Last updated at 11:34 PM ET, 12/7.

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