Who Wants Who: Monday, December 5th

This being the first day that teams can actually communicate directly with players, rumors are obviously running rampant.  I’ve done my best to compile all of today’s free agent news/trade talk and lay it out in an organized fashion, and I’ll continue to update this post throughout the evening.

Arron Afflalo, DEN, RFA: The Chicago Bulls have explored a potential sign and trade that would land Afflalo in Chicago.

Big Baby, BOS, UFA: Glen Davis has reportedly expressed interest in a few teams, but the Hornets in particular.  New Orleans will likely be looking to fill a hole at the PF spot with David West getting interest from quite a few teams.  Contrary to earlier reports, though, the Boston Herald is saying that the Celtics will probably bring Glen back

Shane Battier, MEM, UFA: As you all are very well aware, Mike Miller didn’t really work out for the Heat last season.  This is probably why they’ve made Shane Battier their primary target.  It’s been reported that they’re in the lead in the Battier sweepstakes, and I assume that’s true.  Battier couldn’t ask for a better shot at a ring.

Kwame Brown, CHA, UFA: Want Kwame Brown at center this coming season?  Get in line.  The Heat, Knicks, Warriors, and Celtics have all shown interest, and the Bobcats want to bring him back.  I believe Brown will become Miami’s number one target at center because Samuel Dalembert is expected to scoff at the MLE.

Caron Butler, DAL, UFA: Butler met with the Los Angeles Clippers and the Chicago Bulls today.  These seem to be the two teams which interest him the most, and the interest is definitely mutual.  The Clippers would probably be the team that could offer him the biggest role as they don’t have much at SF.  I’m not hearing much noise at all about a return to Dallas.

Andrew Bynum, LAL: The Lakers very well may be trying to use Bynum as the main trading chip in a deal to bring Dwight Howard or Chris Paul to Los Angeles.  Via his agent, CP has already told the Hornets he won’t sign an extension with New Orleans.  One would think he’d sign one with LA, although his preferred destination appears to be New York.  As for Dwight Howard, he hasn’t confirmed that he’ll be leaving Orlando, but he was often frustrated with the mediocre team put around him last season.  I think the Lakers are probably tired of waiting on Bynum to live up to his potential and will send him somewhere if they can get a great player in return.

Vince Carter, PHX: Looks like the Suns plan to dump Carter as soon as they can.  This will obviously make the 34-year-old a free agent.  Chicago needs a shooting guard and is reportedly interested in 15/16ths Man 1/16th Amazing’s services, although there are a variety of younger players ahead of him on the wish list.  Unfortunately for the Bulls, one potential solution is stuck in China (JR Smith), and others are restricted and/or costly (Nick Young, Arron Afflolo, Jamal Crawford).

Tyson Chandler, DAL, UFA: Days ago, Tyson told ESPN he doesn’t expect to play for the Mavericks this season.  He has since revealed his asking price: $20 million a year.  This causes the “won’t be playing for the Mavs” report make a lot more sense.  Tyson is trying to get PAID, period.  He obviously won’t get $20 million, but teams that have interest in overpaying the 29-year-old big man to some extent include Golden State, New Jersey, and Houston.  He is set to meet with each of those three teams during this week.  R.I.P. to one of ‘em.

Jamal Crawford, ATL, UFA: At least seven teams have shown interest in Crawford.  Four of these teams, including Chicago and Orlando, have contacted the Hawks about a possible sign and trade.  The Bulls desperately need a solid shooting guard and another player who can put the ball in the hoop.  Crawford is both.

Samuel Dalembert, SAC, UFA: Dalembert and the Heat seem to share mutual interest, but Sammy probably won’t end up in Miami.  Why?  Because he has a stronger interest in money, and the Heat can’t offer as much as some of the other teams who are reportedly interested in his services (Houston, New York).  Don’t sweat this, Miami.  Not getting Dumblembert is a victory in disguise.

Jeff Foster, IND, UFA: Foster the #1 priority for the Knicks at center?  Well… who am I to refute a man employed by the New York Post.  Foster has played his entire 12-year career with the Pacers.

Marc Gasol, MEM, RFA: Memphis still plans to hold on to their young big man.  Don’t expect any news here.

Jeff Green, BOS, RFA: According to a Boston Herald report, a deal between Boston and Jeff Green “is practically done” already

Chuck Hayes, HOU, UFA: The Chuckwagon is wanted by his former coach, Rick Adelman, in Minnesota.  Unfortunately for Adelman, Chuck’s agent says he likes Houston just fine.  Hayes has also been contacted by the Sacramento Kings.  Other teams known to be interested include the Blazers and Raptors.

Grant Hill, PHX, UFA: There are four finalists in the Grant Hill sweepstakes: New York, Chicago, LA (Clippers), and Phoenix.  Most of the reports I’ve read indicate that Grant is most interested in remaining a Phoenix Sun. 

Dwight Howard, ORL: Dwight’s name has popped up in some trade rumors today… trade rumors that have him headed to LA (Lakers), to be specific.  This is nothing new, of course; rumors have had Dwight going to the Lakers this season for the past year or so.  There will be no real Dwight news until he confirms whether or not he has interest in re-signing with the Magic.

Kris Humphries, NJN, UFA: I saw a report this afternoon that listed Kris Humpries as a “big-name power forward.”  If that doesn’t indicate how pathetic this free agent class is then I don’t know what does.  In other Hump news, he’s still seeking that annulment of his brief marriage to you know who.  Some feel that Kris is seeking two pay days this winter.

Jared Jeffries, NYK, UFA: Reports indicate that the Knicks will re-sign Jared Jeffries.  I don’t think they’ll have much (if any) competition.

DeAndre Jordan, LAC, RFA: The only way I can see DeAndre going anywhere is if the Dwight-to-LA-but-not-the-Lakers rumor actually materializes… which doesn’t seem very likely to me. 

Carl Landry, NOH, UFA: The Hornets spoke with Landry today and would probably be wise to keep him as it looks like they may very well lose David West.  Landry also spoke with five other teams, though, including the Boston Celtics.  I personally feel that a replacement of Big Baby with Carl Landry would be a fine move.

Tracy McGrady, DET, UFA: For the 17th offseason in a row, T-Mac swears that this is the season where he’ll finally look something like his old self.  I’m pretty sure no one believes him, but he’ll find a job.  Basically, he and his cousin VC will end up with one of the good teams that’s unable to sign anyone younger.

Bostjan Nachbar, EUR, UFA: EUR= EURope.  That’s where Boki has played the past couple of seasons.  He’s eyeing an NBA return, though, and will work out for the Knicks tomorrow.

Nene, DEN, UFA: Nene has drawn plenty of interest from lots of teams.  Today, the Houston Rockets will make their pitch.  I think Houston is a likely destination for Nene.  They’re in need of size and in position to overpay.  The Nets are another team with plenty of cash to dish out and a strong interest in the Brazilian.

Gren Oden, POR, RFA: Portland may have to match an offer from the Miami Heat if they want to keep Oden (which they do–at least for one more year).

Travis Outlaw, NJN: Potential amnesty clause victim Travis Outlaw has suffered a broken hand.  He was attempting to kill his heavy bag.  Outlaw signed a rather large five-year, $35 million contract with New Jersey in the summer of 2010.  He has since disappointed and the Nets have been looking for ways to get rid of him.  This certainly won’t help them do it by way of trade.

Chris Paul, NOH: A source told ESPN.com that “every team in the league” has called the Hornets about Chris Paul.  Teams which have shown the most interest AND have something to give include the Clippers, Warriors, and Hawks.  The Lakers have contacted the Hornets, but also according to ESPN.com, specifics of a deal have not yet been discussed.

Nate Robinson, OKC: Nate wants to be bought out of his deal with the Thunder so he can go elsewhere and contribute.   If the buyout happens, the Magic may be interested in the three-time dunk champ’s services.

Rajon Rondo, BOS: Chris Paul’s refusal to sign an extension pretty much put the Rondo rumors to bed.  However, I can see him being dealt if a good deal presents itself.  Rondo further justifies his reputation as a pain in the ass by allowing the rumors to bother him.

Brandon Roy, POR: It seemed likely that Roy would be amnestied, but barring an injury during preseason the Blazers will keep him.  It’s been reported that he could even be a starter depending on how well he performs in training camp.

Deron Williams, NJN: D-Will says there’s a “90% chance” he stays with the Nets beyond this season.  What does this mean?  Absolutely nothing. 

Nick Young, WAS, RFA: Young has drawn interest from the Bulls, Nuggets, and at least three other teams.  This is no surprise; he’s one of the best young scorers to be had, and there are a few contending teams who could really use his ability to put the ball in the basket.  Unfortunately for the Bulls and all other interested parties the Wizards would like to bring Nick back.

Thaddeus Young, PHI, RFA: Thad had a meeting with the Denver Nuggets today, who are in dire need of some players.  Half their roster left for China this fall, and Thad fits the Denver Nugget mold.  That being said, Philly has the right to match any offer thrown his way.

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  1. 2-170-123-02 says:

    If the Lakers get CP3 n Dwight we gunna go in we actually win the finals unlike the heat

  2. I do not care how good Andrew Bynum is (He is too injury prone for me). \nNO TRADING DWIGHT TO THE LAKERS!\n\nEND OF STORY!

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