CBA Recap, December 4th: Patty Mills Scores 42

Xinjiang 121, Tianjin 108: Xinjiang’s star point guard Patty Mills got JR Smith hot from the great beyond and dropped a season-high 42 on David Harrison and Tianjin.  Mills made 8 of 10 threes and 17 of 27 shots overall.  Do the math on that and you’ll make an eye-popping observation: Mills scored 42 without making a single freethrow.  That’s pretty incredible.  Mangke Bateer, who had 16 assists last game, had 9 more this morning.  He also added 19 points and 9 boards.  Kenyon Martin played just 12 minutes and essentially did nothing.  I’m not sure if he got hurt or what… I’ll update if I learn anything about the situation.  Donnell Harvey led Tianjin with 22 points and 15 boards.

Liaoning 118, Shanghai 99: This is the first Shanghai Sharks game I’ve seen this season, and to my disappointment, it was probably Mike Harris’s worst.  Shanghai has been bad this season; they’ve got just two wins, so I didn’t expect them to win.  Mike Harris has been putting up monster numbers, though, and I was curious to see how he’s been doing it.  I guess I’ll have to continue to wonder because today he was unusually average, scoring just 20 points and grabbing 6 boards.  He began the game with an airballed jumper and finished it by gathering a fair portion of his statistics in garbage time.  Josh “Approximately Assorted” Powell definitely ate his lunch; he had 24/7 on 12-15.  Basically, Harris played like crap in an ass whooping but ended up making his stats look respectable in the end.  Certainly a disappointing performance from him.  Rodney Carney was the game’s leading scorer with 27 points.

Dongguan 100, Shandong 94: Shandong’s former Bobcat Alan Anderson went off for 46 points, 11 rebounds, and 6 assists, but he and his Shandong teammates went just 8-35 from three and dropped their fourth game in a row.  Anderson could definitely be described as a volume scorer this season.  He’s got his PPG up to 23 now, but he’s doing that on about 20 shots a game.  He went 4-15 from deep in this game.  Dongguan’s Josh Akognon is another guy who’s been anything but efficient.  He dropped 30 today, but required 14 three-point attempts of his own.  At least he made 7 of ‘em.  Shavlik Randolph led Dongguan with 33 points and 19 rebounds.  Othello Hunter aka “Double-Double” recorded 17 points and 23 boards.

Fujian 120, Qindago 96: Fujian’s three big guns–Will McDonald, Anthony Roberson, and Zaid Abbas–were all pretty beastly in this game.  McDonald scored 40, Roberson 23, and Abbas 16 (+18 boards).  Lester Hudson was inefficient for Qindago with 29 points on 26 shots.  Both of these teams were 2-4 coming into this game, so this indicates to me that Qindago is pretty much at the bottom of the barrel.

Bayi 99, Jiangsu 97: Wang Zhizhi and the Rockets escaped with a two-point victory despite the debut of Marcus “laptops” Williams.  Since there are currently a pair of CBA players sharing the name Marcus Williams, I’ll continue to refer to the former UConn star as “laptops.”  Assuming he’s the guy listed as “D Williams” in the box score, he scored 13 points in 28 minutes.  His teammate Dan Gadzuric went off for 30 points and 21 boards.  Xu Zhonghao led Bayi with 25. 

Guangsha 109, Jilin 89: Guangsha’s Wilson Chandler only had to play 28 minutes to score 20 points and help his team improve to 4-2.  Cartier Martin did his usual 23 points.  Guangsha had six players score in double figures, which is pretty strange in the CBA.  I suppose it’s an idication of an ass kicking.  Peter John Ramos had a nice ’11/12 debut with 17 points and 15 boards for Guangsha.

Beijing 121, Shanxi 97: This is the same Shanxi team that whipped Kenyon Martin’s Xinjiang squad by 20+, so yeah, I’d say it’s certainly another indication of just how dominant Stephon Marbury and the Ducks have been this season.  This win makes them 7-0.  Marbury scored 19 in 26 minutes while Randolph Morris got busy in the paint with 26.  Marcus Williams and Charles Gaines both scored 31 in defeat.

Dec 5th

Guangdong 116, Foshan 92: This is the game that was postponed due to heavy fog yesterday.  They played it this morning, and Foshan didn’t fare any better than usual with Marcus Haislip in place of Gerald Green.  Haislip actually played really well, missing just 3 shots as he scored 27 points, but Foshan simply isn’t a very good team.  Aaron Brooks scored 22 points to lead the way for Guangdong.  James Singleton had 15.


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