NBA Appreciation Day: KBlaze’s New Video

Despite the fact that the majority of my posts are about the CBA or Euroleague these days, Friday is still NBA Appreciation Day here at NBA247365.COM!  This afternoon I’ll pay a little homage to one of the greatest NBA mixers on Youtube, KBlaze. 

If you’re even anything close to a fan of NBA basketball, I’m going to assume you’ve seen a KBlaze video.  He’s uploaded hundreds of highlight reels featuring a wide variety of players both past and present.  He keeps it nice and simple… no ODing on effects.  When you watch a KBlaze mix, you see basketball.  His library of footage is incredible, and his musical selections are always on point.  This is his Youtube channel, and the following is his latest video.  It’s the second installment in a series of mixes about his love of the game.  Do yourself a favor and watch…


If you followed the link to his channel then you probably noticed that there’s only 11 videos on there.  Just a moment ago I said he’s made hundreds.  Where the hell are the rest?  Well, unfortunately, in one of the biggest tragedies ever to hit the internet, KBlaze’s original channel was deleted from Youtube due to copyright crap.  I think the claim that did him in was made by the NFL. 

Just one more reason why I like the NBA better.  Shout out to my man KBlaze, you make the best videos!  My personal favorite…

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