The Canton Charge: Coolest Logo In Basketball

Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little.  But seriously, just try and tell me that this early ’80s Cleveland Cavs inspired logo isn’t awesome… because, clearly, it is.  Notice that the button on the guy’s sleeve is actually a basketball.  Observe the swag that the feather, and it’s placement, add.  That’s the type of attention to detail that is put into the making of a great logo!  I’m impressed.  I mean, this wouldn’t be too out of place if thrown into the mix with the old ABA logos (although it doesn’t have sh!t on the San Diego Conquistadors).

So, who are the Canton Charge?  Why they’re the Cleveland Cavs’ new D-League affiliate, of course! Observe their court…

Nice!  Powered by the Cleveland Cavaliers, though?  That’s gonna be a pretty weak charge.

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  1. tommyey8 says:

    hey how do you come up with this stuff lol. btw have you heard of this guys linkwheels, one pushed my blog up like 20 spots.

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