Are You Ready For the NBA Finals?

They’re both wearing different jerseys (and numbers) now, but I figure the memories must remain… meaning that that the feelings of mutual dislike and overconfidence should still be alive and well. 

The feud is over?  Bullsh!t.  I don’t believe that sh!t for a second… as soon as the official (anyone but Joey Crawford, please?) tosses that ball up tonight at about 9:15 Eastern, you know it’s on!

I’ll be repping my main man for this bout…

Apparently, my dad ordered me this shirt a little while back.  It came in the mail just in time for the Finals!  Thank you!  And yes, it’s ok to be jealous of my SWAG.  Want to match it?  Buy one of my shirts (yes, I’m still trying); it’s the only other article of clothing that can possibly allow you to reach this level of SWAG.

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