Poster of the Day 5/19/11: Kevin Durant murks Brendan Haywood

With the Thunder slumping early on in last night’s eventual victory, KD decided to help the cause by unleashing the best dunk of his career over poor Brendan Haywood…


Poor, poor Brendan Haywood… this is one of those dunks that only gets better with each replay angle, so it’s as if he keeps getting mashed on harder and harder as you watch.  At first, I didn’t react to this one as dramatically as I did to Taj Gibson’s dunk from a few days ago–it didn’t look as crazy in live motion–but when I realized how high he got and how far he had to extend, I realized what I had just witnessed: the best dunk of the 2011 NBA Playoffs.  That’s right, I think it’s better than Gibson’s, even though I don’t think it was quite as aesthetically pleasing.  This dunk reminds me of Blake on Mozgov… look at the way Durant continues to elevate after the contact, and then the way he throws the ball through the hoop… they really are very similar plays.

Dunk rating on the Starbury Nastiness Scale:

10/10 Starbury Nasty Faces.

2010/11 Daily Poster Stats.

Throwback Poster of the Day: Gerald Wilkins on Shawn Bradley…

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2 Responses to Poster of the Day 5/19/11: Kevin Durant murks Brendan Haywood

  1. KGMN says:

    Was this the first 10/10, or were there others (such as Griffin over Mozgov) that were also 10/10?

  2. Stephen Coston says:

    Taj Gibson’s dunk was a 10. So was Griffin’s. There were a few other 10s this season too… Wade on Perkins, Dwight Howard’s alley-oop, and I think there were others that I’m not remembering.

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