Zach Randolph Says Kendrick Perkins Can’t Stop Him

Move over Blake Griffin!  Zach Randolph has officially made himself my favorite current NBA player, and I will be purchasing his jersey and sporting it proudly.  Why?  Because he’s the motherf@cking man, that’s why!  Check this out…

In case you haven’t already heard, Kevin Durant called Z-Bo the best PF in the league after Memphis’s game one victory…

Here’s what Randolph had to say upon being informed of the compliment.  Courtesy of Fox Sports

After being told in a news conference about Durant’s compliment, Randolph said, “Oh, yeah, I got to agree with that. Thanks, KD. I appreciate it.” Randolph also said that, overall, “I don’t get lot of respect that I deserve.’’

And here’s what he had to say upon hearing that Kendrick Perkins refused to agree with his boy KD…

“Perk’s good, but all Perk can do is foul me. That’s the only thing he can do. The best thing about his defense on me is to foul me . . . He can’t (stop Randolph). He’s too slow. He’s a big body. He can foul.

“I don’t think nobody in the league can stop me. Not only Perk. I tell Perk to his face. I already told him before.’’

First of all, I don’t care who’s side you’re on in this whole deal, you’ve got to love this.  Trash talkin’ is part of what makes the NBA playoffs so much fun, especially when the verbal jabs being thrown are between two players who actually have to go up against each other in their individual matchups.  Secondly, this is f@ckin’ hilarious because it’s true–Perkins can’t do a goddamn thing with Zach Randolph.  I love the fact that Zach pointed this out for multiple reasons, but mostly because, as I was rambling on about this morning, most NBA fans still seem to live in some sort of delusional world where Kendrick Perkins is actually good.  He isn’t, and for some reason the fact that people think he is just really irks me. 

So, thank you, Zach Randolph, for boastfully stating the obvious.  You made my week, and you are a true NBA247365.COM hero.

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