Dwight Howard Wins Third Consecutive DPOY

Defensive Player of the Year for you n00bs.  Anyway, no surprises here.  Via the USA Today

Drive into the lane, and Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard will attempt to block the shot.  

If he doesn’t block the shot, there’s a strong chance he alters it or makes the offensive player think twice. Miss a shot, and there’s a good chance Howard will grab the rebound.

Howard averaged 14.1 rebounds (No. 2) in the league and 2.38 blocked shots (No. 4) in the league. His presence near the basket helped Orlando to the league’s fourth-best defense in points allowed (93.7 points per game) and fourth-best shooting percentage allowed (43.6%).

For his efforts, Howard was named the NBA’s defensive player of the year, becoming the first player to win the award three consecutive years. Ben Wallace and Dikembe Mutombo each won the award four times.

“You’ve got to be very smart to be considered a great defensive player,” Howard said. 

…or be a complete physical freakazoid.  Nah, seriously though, props to Dwight.  Defense most certainly does take not only smarts, but also energy, effort, and focus.  Anyway, carrying on with the article…

Howard was the runaway winner, accumulating 114 of the 120 first-place votes and five second-place votes for 585 points. Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett was second (77 points), Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler was third (70) points, Memphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen was fourth (53 points) and Celtics guard Rajon Rondo was fifth (45 points).There was one anomaly in the voting: Howard’s name was left off one ballot. Each voter selects three players, and five points are awarded for first place, three points for second place and one point for third place.

 ”I’ll do better next year so you can vote for me,” Howard said, joking.

So, who’s the f@cktard that left him off their ballot?  He/she needs to have his/her right to vote revoked immediately and have it turned over to me.  I’d have Dwight first, second, and third.  I mean seriously, it’s no contest, Dwight is the league’s premier defensive force hands down.  Okay, so you’re a homer, and you put Tyson Chandler first because you know Dwight’s gonna win anyway?  Alright, whatever, be a tool.  Leaving the dude off your ballot completely, though?  C’mon son.  That’s beyond ridiculous.  Oh, and so is voting for Rajon Rondo.  Dude shouldn’t even make an All-D team, let alone finish fifth in DPOY voting.  Where’s my main man Chuck Hayes?  Kenyon Martin?  Arron Afflolo?  At least Tony Allen got his name on the list.  That is truly shocking to me–In a good way.

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2 Responses to Dwight Howard Wins Third Consecutive DPOY

  1. jamal99 says:

    Im pretty sure I saw a pic with how everyone voted Howard and like one guy voted Keith freaking Bogans! It might’ve been shopped but if it’s real…

  2. jamal99 says:

    Confirmation, one guy voted Bogans 1st. I think we might have a troll in jury…

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