Poster of the Day 1/23/11: Psycho T Reverses On Nene

Tyler Hansbrough gets free along the baseline and throws down a nice 180 slam on Nene’s dome…

Not half bad… not jaw dropping or anything, but pretty nice.  I think this is the first time I’ve seen Hansbrough mash on someone since his college days.  I still LOL@ his dunk on Kenny George.  I’m sure it’s hard to move when you’re 7’7, but damn son, that was some terrible defense.

Dunk rating on the Starbury Nastiness Scale:

6/10 Starbury Nasty Faces.

2010/11 Daily Poster Stats.

Throwback Poster of the Day: What ever happened to Boki Nachbar?  He must be playing overseas…

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One Response to Poster of the Day 1/23/11: Psycho T Reverses On Nene

  1. KGMN says:

    Yeah, Bostjan Nachbar plays for Efes Pilsen in Turkey right now along with Flip Murray, Igor Rakocevic, and Lawrence Roberts. Speaking of Flip Murray, you should put one of his posters as a Throwback Poster of the Day. He has some really good ones.

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