Evening News: ASG Jerseys, Lance Stephenson, Kobe Talks About Melo

So I return home from chowing down on some delicious Thai food and open up my laptop, and all of a sudden there’s all this news to talk about.  I was overwhelmed, to be honest.  I don’t have the time to make an individual post on all of these matters, but I’ll give you a quick rundown. 

First up, the 2011 All Star jersey designs have been released.  I think they’re ugly as hell, but before I do any more yapping about them I’ll hit you with the pics… 


My first beef is with the shape of the damn things.  What ever happened to the basic tank top style?  All these funny curves, weird lines, queer v necks, and tight arm holes have been slowly destroying NBA jersey designs for a while now.  Unfortunately, it looks like the WNBA look is here to stay. 

My second beef is with all the crap on the back.  What is all that mess about?  I think it’s supposed to look like diamonds, but why?  I just don’t see what made somebody think that diamonds on a basketball jersey was a good idea… because it’s not.  All the crazy clutter makes them look like a replica designed for fans who are trying too hard to make a fashion statement while they support the team. 

My third beef is with the word “the” above East and West.  Why’d they do that?  It looks stupid.  I’m watching a replay of last night’s Celtics/Pistons game right now (yeah, I’m the guy that watches those) thinking about how dumb it would look if their jerseys said “THE CELTICS” and “THE PISTONS”.  No one does that… so why do it to an All-Star jersey? 

My fourth, final, and biggest beef: NBA.com is asking 250 bucks for one of these pieces of hot garbage.  I’ll show ‘em my best Tom Brady and pass, as should you.  This advice is coming from a person who’s payed 400 US dollars for a basketball jersey before, by the way.  It’s not like I’d always say pass.  Anyway, jersey collectors, don’t waste your cash on this trash.  Buy one of the few jerseys out there that still looks like something a man should wear… like a Celtics jersey, maybe. 

Next up, Lance Stephenson is blowin’ money fast… on hookers.  Via Blacksportsonline.com… 

“Candy is back with new allegations about a new ballplayer.  Candy Deepthroat is the twitter escort who is known for offering services on twitter for a small fee. She has a beef with rookie Pacers guard Lance Stephenson. Unlike her previous claims against Matt Barnes and Ronny Turiaf, her reasoning for bringing Stephenson to the forefront has nothing to do with breaking up marriages or shopping sprees, it is collections. 

You may remember Stephenson as the player who was arrested on assault for pushing the mother of his child down a flight of stairs. 

Miss Deepthroat claims that Stephenson received 3some services, but didn’t pay the agreed upon amount. 

If true Stephenson is a pretty slick guy, got the goodies but then ran out on the bill. When you are the 40th pick in the NBA Draft, your contract is not guaranteed, so you have to cut corners when you can. 

Here is what Miss Deepthroat says about the arrangement between her and Stephenson: “I was contacted by Lance on New Year’s Eve for an orgy, but I was already book so I had to reschedule.  He called later asking for a 3some just for him. Over the phone we agreed on $2000 for the night, but he only paid half.  He claims he spent the majority of the money at the club and he would pay me the rest the next day.”‘ 


Candy Deepthroat?  Classy.  Uh, anyway, as the article states, Lance was the 40th pick in last year’s NBA draft.  All NBA players make a nice salary, but the 40th pick isn’t stacking paper like Kobe Bryant.  Stephenson is under contract to make about 750 grand this season and a slightly larger sum next season.  Even though the deal is for four years, only the first two are guaranteed.  That means Lance is sure to collect about 1.5 million from the Pacers, even if his NBA career never materializes.  That sounds like a lot, but when you take taxes, agents, luxurious cars and clothes, and groupies into account, it really isn’t all that much dough.  Certainly not the type of guap that justifies regularly blowing a couple Gs on sexcapades.  Looks like Lance may have had an “oh sh!t” moment and realized that he isn’t quite ballin’ to the extent that he thought he was. 


“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.  Word to Bill Clinton.” 

Third on the schedule we’ve got Kobe speaking out in the defense of Carmelo Anthony.  From the Denver Post… 

The Nuggets host the Lakers tomorrow night – at Lakers practice today at Pepsi Center, Kobe spoke to reporters about numerous topics, including his own trade demands (that he ultimately squashed): 

Reporter: Thoughts on some of the Nuggets fans booing Carmelo. 
Kobe: It’s hard to trade him, so maybe he won’t be traded, who knows. But you’ve got to show support. He’s still playing hard. Put yourself in his shoes. If you’re teeter-tottering about going somewhere, you’d be more inclined to go somewhere where they’ll cheer you. 
Reporter: What about Denver-born, Denver-raised fans – if your favorite player doesn’t want to be on your team anymore…
Kobe: Oh please. Don’t give me that (expletive). My first game back when I demanded a trade, they booed the first game and didn’t boo the rest of the way. 
Reporter: Why did they stop? 
Kobe: Fans understood that I was going to play hard and compete every single night. They expressed their feelings in the first game and didn’t hear it again. 
Reporter: When Melo makes shots, they don’t boo, but when he misses, they sometimes boo. 
Kobe: That’s (expletive). Either you ride with him or you don’t. 
Reporter: And last night, he scored 35 points and they booed him in the postgame interview (on the court). 
Kobe: That’s stupid. 
Read more here. 


I don’t find it surprising that Kobe would side with Melo. His other choice is to side with Colorado. Something tells me that he won’t be doing that any time soon.

That is all.  Don’t forget to tune into Clippers @ Blazers at 10:30 ET on TNT.

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3 Responses to Evening News: ASG Jerseys, Lance Stephenson, Kobe Talks About Melo

  1. Jasi says:

    No beef with the name of the player UNDER the number, in the All-Star jerseys?

  2. admin says:

    No, that I don’t mind. I tend to like that style, actually. Those awesome Warriors “The City” jerseys were like that.

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