NBA247365.COM Video Podcast (Episode 2)

Welcome, readers, to the NBA247365.COM video podcast, episode two!  For this edition I, Stephen Coston, am joined by NBA247365.COM/ESPN True Hoop Network contributor Jacob Frankel (@jacob_frankel) primarily to discuss this past weekend in NBA basketball.  From Kyrie Irving’s crunch-time exploits to JR Smith’s garbage-time domination, it was certainly an exhilarating two-day stretch of sport, so tune in and bask in the information!  Additionally, we rank a few of the popular ’90s throwbacks, hand out our midseason awards, and provide our ink-stained thoughts on a couple of new tattoos.  All in all, it’s an hour of great fun!

If you can spare a moment, please leave feedback by dropping a line below, e-mailing, or tweeting @NBA247OFFICIAL.  Both Jacob and I would greatly appreciate your thoughts whether they be positive, negative, or somewhere in between.  Thanks again for tuning in!

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